COVID-19 pandemic means that the forecast for 2021 involves clouds.

Cloud spending worldwide will grow for seven times faster next year than overall information technology (IT) spending, says a report today by Deloitte, the British multinational professional services firm.

Cloud revenue growth will remain over 30% between 2021 and 2025, predicts Deloitte’s Technology, Media, and Telecommunications report.

There have been five years of change in five months, say the report authors.

Companies will continue to shift to cloud in order to save money and adapt to working from home or remote working

At the same time, telecom companies will deploy intelligent-edge offerings in their 5G rollouts and hyperscale cloud providers will have to expand and optimize their infrastructure.

By 2023, 70% of businesses will do some of their data processing at the edge.

This will result in an “internet thousands of times bigger than the internet we enjoy today,” the report quotes a leading graphics processing unit (GPU) maker as saying.

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