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Future-proof your business. Plan, Protect and Recover your critical business data. End-to-end intelligent data protection and backup solution in a secured environment with the flexibility and scalability to meet your changing business needs.

What we do

Kloudstor as-a-service
anytime . anywhere

Rapid Recover and Restore data effectively over on-premise or hybrid cloud platform


Manage data storage & usage over any data type, any protocol over any locations


Software Defined Enterprise solution that enables flexibility to scale your data requirements

Data Protection

Data Services  & App

Virtual Storage

High Availability
Disaster Recovery
Block Storage
Object Storage
File Storage
Storage Pooling

What you Get

Pay per Use

Subscription-Based model| No over provisioning. Pay & Use what you need, on-demand

More with less

Flexibly scale up or down your backup data or storage volumes according to your fluctuating business requirements | Centralised Management & Monitoring | Backups and Storage units are managed remotely using Web Browser

Reduce Risk

Safeguard & reliably retrieve lost data | manage data protection environment via on premise and cloud-based deployments

Ensuring Business Continuity

Whole suite of data management solutions that enables your business to run continuously with minimal disruptions


Replicate, Recover, Restore

A complete Solution for Any data type | Any Protocol | Any location

KloudStor aims to provide Business Insurance for Data, an important asset to your organization in the event of a mishap, whether due to natural disaster, hardware or software failure, human error, or cyberattack. With almost 2 decades of expertise in providing intelligent enterprise backup and DR solutions to the big organisations, we offer a fully managed Backup as-a-Service (BaaS) that allows any company, SMEs or large enterprises, to have access to fully integrated solutions for both disaster recovery protection and business continuity protection based on pay-per-use or Opex model.

KloudStor’s BaaS protects your data in 3 simple ways
On-site backup

We provide an on-premise appliance to backup data from your email and application servers for up to 7 days.

Off-site backup

Data is backup to KloudStor’s secured data centre or cloud each day during the off hours.

Tape archival

At the end of the month, we provide a high-capacity industry standard LTO tape that can be returned to you or stored in our secured eVault facility powered by Quantum for long term retention.

  • No more Capex, switch to Opex model and only pay for what you use.
  • Technology refresh during the contract cycle and get the latest state-of-the-art hardware and software, no need to deal with obsolescence issues.
  • As it is a fully managed service, you can free up your IT resources for other more critical tasks and helps to resolve growing labour shortage or turnover issues.
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by reducing hardware purchases and IT infrastructure maintenance.
  • Improve sustainability and go green with LTO tape backup that helps to conserve energy by keeping the data offline in our eVault.
  • Protect your backup data against ransomware attacks.
  • Simple and fast recovery to ensure business continuity.

KloudStor is a disruptor to your business disruption. With our simple and trusted BaaS, you can have the peace of mind and assurance that when disaster strikes, your business operations can be easily restored with minimal downtime and data loss


Maximise your Storage, Scales on Demand

A complete Solution for Any data type | Any Protocol | Any location

KloudStor provides the right solution for your storage and IT initiatives. We offer storage that evolves with you, rather than storage that you need to adapt to and manage. Enjoy the performance and security of on-premise data center infrastructure or a hybrid cloud network anywhere with the flexibility and scalability of a pay-per-use subscription-based model

your Cost

Pay only for what you consume | No need for over provisioning. Use what you need

Right Solution for Different Business Needs

Full suite of solutions for different use cases  | Scalable – Grow on demand, scale as you need | Flexible – Change configurations as needed

Manage Operational Efficiencies

Centralised Management | Remote Monitoring | Optimize storage management with enterprise data applications on-premise or in a hybrid cloud


Develop, Deploy, Virtualize

A complete Solution for Any data type | Any Protocol | Any location

KloudStor Compute as-a-Service provides a complete simple, scalable and highly available solution for modern virtualization for your dynamic business needs. The solution is designed for rapid deployment, ease-of-use, reliability, seamless scaling, high performance in a cost-effective way

Ease of use and management

Eliminates wasteful, mundane management tasks of IT administrators, allowing them to focus on core critical business processes and requirements. Ease of configurations for data management


Allows seamless scaling of infrastructure within minutes, without disruption to running workloads or applications. Different models and capacities can be merged together to optimize resources as required

Integrated management

Software-defined and hybrid storage system with high performing storage tier, data placements and applications. Centralized management module that optimizes storage needs

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Discover How KloudStor Solutions can help you heighten your business and technology potentials.

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We want to hear from you! Let us help you find the right solutions

Discover How KloudStor Solutions can help you heighten your business and technology potentials.

Get Started, take the first step !

We want to hear from you! Let us help you find the right solutions