KloudStor Backup as-a-Service


KloudStor Backup-as-a-Service provides everything you need for your data protection including backup, archive, replication and disaster recovery solutions for all your business needs on-premise, over the public cloud or hybrid multi-cloud environments

Simple, Comprehensive

Simple, Comprehensive Backup solutions to meet your business continuity requirements

Trusted Replicate, Restore and Recovery

Trusted Replicate, Restore and Recovery of data loss over on-premise or cloud-based platform

Flexibility and Scalability

Enables Flexibility and Scalability on your data backup volume needs, according to fluctuating business requirements

Protects all data and assets

Protects all data and assets based on centralized management and remote monitoring


Automates the entire backup process to protect all data anywhere, anytime, across any devices.

Secure and reliable service that provides a peace of mind that your data is protected and recoverable in cases of data loss.

Recovers and Ease of Retrieval of lost files, applications and data, or Restore to a previous version of the file with minimal/no manual assistance from your IT team

Scale your backup requirements based on your dynamic and changing business needs with ease

High-Capacity industry-standard Tape copies which can be returned to customer or stored in our eVault

Backup as-a-Service

Ensure data and application resiliency. Protect your critical business data in a secured environment


KloudStor’s Backup to Object Storage

Backup to our cloud based object storage and keep a copy of your data offsite

KloudStor’s Backup for Microsoft 365 Emails & OneDrive

Automate and protect your data for Microsoft 365 Emails & OneDrive. Leverage on our backup solution for a fast,  reliable and simple way of restoring Cloud-based emails and documents.

Our straight-forward restoration interfaces allows ease of restoration and recovery wherever the data is stored – on disk, deduplicated storage or tape

On-Premise Backup

Ensures restoration is performed easily and as quickly as possible with optimal performance and strict data security with on-premise Kloudstor backup solution

Off-site copy

Restoration can be done at the data center, to a machine or replicated back to your facility. Performed over a secured connection with No egress/bandwidth charges when data needs to be retrieved.

Tape copy

Choose what you require as tape copies: daily, weekly, monthly or other scheduled timeline. Provides an air-gapped copy of your data that allows you to align with your business backup plans, company policies and compliance requirements

Fully managed

Rest assured that data loss is kept at a minimal. Backup scheduling and restorations are fully managed. Systems are remotely monitored and maintained by KloudStor

Kloudstor backup-as-a-service

A trusted and simplified enterprise-grade backup and disaster recovery solution that meet the demands of digital transformation and modern applications