Kloudstor storage as-a-service

Block Storage

An Enterprise SAN Solution that can be provisioned on the fly, scales and delivers according to customer’s volumetric needs

High Performance
  • Enterprise SAN storage
  • Delivers data fast using hard drives, SSDs or combination of both
Ease of Management
  • Units are managed remotely using Web Browser for RAID array configurations
Highly Scalable
  • Users are able to choose the most suitable solution to meet their storage demands and expansions
  • Expands seamlessly via versatile storage building blocks and pay only for what you need
  • Provisioned on the fly according to user’s volume needs
Safeguard and Insure data with speed
  • Intelligent fault diagnosis, resolution capabilities and monitoring
  • Rebuild drives faster with lower downtime with ADAPT data protection technology
  • Replication and Snapshot features
Delivering Enterprise Capabilities with a Comprehensive set of Data Services