KloudStor BACKUP as-a-Service

Be Prepared. Future-proof your backup and recovery on fast, secure, cost-effective backup target with our data protection solution.

KloudStor Backup-as-a-Service

KloudStor Backup as-a-Service (BaaS) offers a comprehensive and centralized data protection solution that ensures business critical data and applications are replicated in a secure environment providing both on-premise and offsite copies of your data.

The service delivers a seamless protection strategy to ensure that your data is protected with a fully managed service offering that leverages proven enterprise-grade software.  KloudStor’s Backup-as-a-Service can easily manage the most complex of environments which can be scaled based on your business needs and can grow as the business grows.


  • Data in the organization is growing, resulting in larger backup storage requirements
  • Higher service level assurances for data storage equipment
  • Increasing compliance requirements that require longer retention of data
  • Need for faster recovery of data
  • Need for airtight backup strategies for business continuity planning
  • Budget constraints on hefty capex for backup infrastructure and operational efficiency
Fully managed

Backup scheduling, restores and systems are centrally managed and maintained by KloudStor.

Tape Copy

Air gapped copy protects against Ransomware and long-term retention for compliance


Compatible with all leading applications and operating systems

Off-Site copies

Ensures data availability in event of primary site loss


Grow or shrink the backup capacity requirements on-demand

As a company grows, IT requirements will evolve and increasingly, data will grow. With Kloudstor Backup-as-a-Service, companies can deploy a backup strategy that can evolve with it. KloudStor Backup-as-a-Service offers a backup solution that is highly flexible and scalable.

Employing a multi-tier strategy, it starts with an on-premise appliance that assures backup and restore performance is as fast as it can be. All data on the appliance is in turn replicated to an off-site location. This ensures that in the event that the primary site is unavailable for any reason, your data remains available. The third tier in the protection strategy will see your data copied to an industry standard LTO tape. This tape serves as a “last line of defense” which can be sent to back to you or kept in our air-gapped eVault where it can be retrieved quickly if needed.

With a pay-per use model, KloudStor’s Backup-as-a-Service enables the flexibility and scalability for companies to grow or shrink their backup capacity according to their business needs ensuring the optimal use of capital.