Kloudstor storage as-a-service
File Storage

Leverages on enterprise-grade NAS appliances and platform that provides ultimate performance for mixed network where file-based and data sharing can be done simultaneously amongst various operating systems

Enterprise-class NAS features

No traditional tapes and disk to disk systems to maintain. Simply decide on your recovery plans and file restoration will be at your finger-tips. Enterprised features like snapshots, replication, high availability, online volume migration, thin provisioning, and more in a convenient and scalable platform

Optimise your cost structure

Power and complex storage requirements are simplied. The fully-managed, pay-only-for-what-you-use framework reduces your costs and management burden. No huge up-front costs, storage upgrade, replace, or migration challenges.

Fast File Recovery and High Availability

Files, even volumes, can be recovered in minutes, protecting your network and future-proofing your business with redundancy.

Fast and Scalable Deployment

Update, scale, reduce capacity requirements non-disruptively with agility and manage all storage from a centralized management console by KloudStor